Tuesday, July 06, 2010


There is a reason I haven't been about. Namely this:
And this (obviously, that's not me!):
The associated solitude of just being in a wood in your own space is fantastic, with frogs and fish and the ongoing battle against the Himalayan Balsam to be waged (invasive non British weed that stinks to almighty Hades and murders British wild plants. We really are weedy in this country).

However, whilst the outside is pretty fabulous, indoors is a little more catastrophic and there will be no staying over for a little while yet until a new back wall has been installed. There are also a multitude of spiders. I am also reliably informed that being nettled on a constant basis is good for my immune system, having sat on one of the blighters recently I am yet to be convinced!

Check out our ming pit of a bathroom! It smells like the tunnel to Tarterus in there, believe me. So that's where I've been hiding. Outdoors and getting physical. Probably good for me!

GD: listen to bad 80's vinyl; waiting for the buggers at Fed Ex to actually get their scabby arses here with a late parcel; wondering why there are so many sirens going off in the distance