Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paul's Little Mum

Little Pim-Pom Pam,

Dancing now on the stars with Moon Man Johnny, be at peace and be forever happy.

All our love, Paul and Jane xxxxxx

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tower of Song ~ Leonard Cohen

Things have been a bit rough about here recently. So, short post just to say that physically I appear to be fine (which given what a horrible month it's been is frankly a relief). At some stage I'll be back, but for now my keyboard is mute.

I'll just leave you with Mr Cohen and a bit of mellow crooning.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pressure pressing down on me...

Hospital appointment this morning. An hour late (that's fine, a doctor was off sick). One hour later, sent to see Doctor Death (female). In serious need of HRT and / or hair dye and colour (grey, grey and more grey). Unable to speak as she had a pre prepared speech that bore no relevance to me because I already do what she was suggesting.

Realise pretty quickly that thought is futile. Try to point out that her recommendation I drink 5 plus cups of caffeinated coffee a day is ridiculous as I have IBS and would have to wear kangas to leave the house - not good on public transport. Mort continues on her dreary monotone, then announces that I'll be fainting for the next two to five years sporadically and that she's discharging me. Advise her that I have more tests next week for my kangaroo blood pressure. Bintoid obviously hasn't read notes...bintoid blames blue asthma inhaler for elevated heart rate - tell her I never use the blue, but that my daily steroids can cause disruption to blood pressure rhythms. Am told I'm imagining it....

Leave room looking for axe, cleaver, knife....settle for bacon sandwich, cake and decaff tea. Beyond furious. Blood pressure elevated...

GD: working from home this pm which is a very good thing! Listening to Radio 2, reading Submarine by Joe Dunthorpe which is a bit useless truth be told, contemplating a mammoth and unecessary amazon order of joy!

Friday, January 01, 2010

The Times They Are A Changing

What would New Year's Day be without sharing just a little bit of it with Dorothy and friends in the magical land of Oz? She's currently skipping through trippy poppy fields towards Emerald City and that mad old despot, the Wizard. So as my attention wanders about gently, what better time to catch my scrambled wits and consider the year that was...

In my world this year, all things came with a lively sprinkling of True Blood, and the theme tune by Jace Everett wormed its way into my skull (along with some pleasant mental reserves of Sam the Were Collie butt naked) and onto my I-Pod. All I can say then, I wanna do bad things with you!

I basically devoured the Charlaine Harris novels in three weeks. Lightweight, occasionally a bit silly but essentially good humoured and enjoyable fluff, the TV series has taken these vampire bites and turned them into uber sex crazed but utterly compelling viewing. hey ho - at least the majority of the nudity is rather buff gentlemen for a change (thank you Alan Ball. Oh, and thanks for filling the Six Feet Under void very nicely!).

Musically, I stalled. Nothing new to report. Even the new Muse CD was disappointing, though I do adore Uprising. (aka the Doctor Who theme tune). My favorite song - Undisclosed Desires - is basically Depeche Mode in Teignmouth clothing, so all in all not impressed. The only little ray of sunburst on the horizon was Paloma Faith, with her big hair and quirk. All else left me a bit cold.

I've read quite a few books this year, and loved the following three: Stella Duffy's Room of Lost Things, The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry, and How to Paint a Dead Man by Sarah Hall. The Sarah Hall book was one of the most beautifully lyrical pieces I have ever read, the four individual narratives weaving in together through time and geography and a sense of loss that pervaded throughout. Absolutely beautiful. Actually, none of these books were particularly happy, all had loneliness and loss as central themes and each one was beautifully realised. I couldn't pick one that stood out more because they all had a different resonance. All had small faults that never the less did not distract from what wonderful reads they are. The worst book I read was Alice De Smith's Welcome to Life (Amazon won't let me publish my review online because I panned it, the swines!) - the emotional vacuum at the heart of this book and the truly trite handling of the ending was not hidden by the vacant, pretty prose I'm afraid!

Films, I disliked Inglorious Basterds against all my expectations. Really, really underwhelmed. Liked Let The Right One In, Watchmen and Star Trek (just loved the humour of it all). Termintaor: Salvation was just pointless. Harry Potter ok, the Alan Rickman factor elevating it somewhat.

The rest of the year has been spent skating along on work and stress and parents in hospital, with all that entails. I've been exhausted, ill and snarky. Quite frankly, I have on occasion been a snot! There have been some positives - a truly lovely day out of life on Halloween at Whitby in the sun with P eating chips and nachos (simple pleasures are coming to mean a great deal). The wonderful staff in my local NHS, from my GP to the consultants, even if it did on occasion appear to be like some sort of medieval torture with all the straps and suspensions and sprays in the mouth (and I still have more tests to go). Blackbirds nesting in the clematis giving several weeks of entertainment and anxiety. My dog's utter loveliness and stroppiness in equal parts, with unlimited toe nibbling for good measure. Starbucks ginger loaf cake. Rediscovering Dr Hook and Billy Joel (lashings of cheese!). New friends made in new places. Old friends and family, and their warmth and generosity when needed. And not least, P, still the only person who knows how to make me laugh out loud, who makes my hot water bottle every night without being asked and will forever be my tea bitch.

GD: waiting for David Tennent's last ever Doctor Who episode, with chocolate cheesecake reserved for this momentous event; reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire which is very funny and ever so slightly twisted; thinking the world looks very pretty all white and glowy, but its still the same old cracked pavements underneath!