Monday, November 10, 2008

Slightly Off Target

I'm having a small, unexpected hiatus. Nothing wrong, just a lack of time through various activities. Needless to say Whitby was fabulous, cold, full of beautiful people, I ate too much and didn't get enough sleep. The crepes with vanilla ice cream were particularly well received. As was being almost run over Voltaire's luggage in the Spa on Saturday afternoon where he and me were lurking with a pint. Oh! And there were pirates and wood nymphs and men wearing nothing but boots and grey body paint...

I did discover that I'm not as goth as I thought I was. It appears to be developing into a very pure brand of Victoriana, with the odd deviation such as loli and the T-Girls. I'm not really any of them so I felt a bit odd. Which in itself is...odd!

Anyway, brief list because sorrow is on my mind: the five songs that make my gut physically clench in pain:
  1. Unintended by Muse
  2. Damaged People by Depeche Mode
  3. If I don't see you again by Neil Diamond
  4. Hurt, the Johnny Cash version
  5. And we have a new entry....Wire to Wire by Razorlight, a band I usually dislike intensely. Which came as a bit of a shock when this song first played on the radio.
Honorable mentions to Cannonball by Damien Rice and St Patrick's Day by Oh Susanna.

GD: grieving her lost Bob, her Gringo and her little critter that came from the sea. I love you Bob. Wherever you are.